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Many people think that virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are different things. That’s not true at all! The Metaverse is a combination of VR and AR.

What are Metaverse and Augmented Reality?

Metaverse is a term coined by Neal Stephenson in his science fiction novel Snow Crash. The idea of the Metaverse is that…

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The entrepreneur lifestyle can be busy, especially when there is little room for mistakes. That’s why it’s essential to stay as organized as possible, so you’re not wasting your time on irrelevant tasks.

Every successful entrepreneur uses apps to increase productivity. Some of these apps aren’t the most popular, but…

With the development of artificial intelligence, it is predicted that robots will take over human jobs. New technologies have already created a substantial number of “working poor.”

The new age of information technology has created a new type of industrial revolution. So far, this industrial revolution has caused massive unemployment…

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